by Herod

  • Limited Edition Cassette Release.

    Sold Out


Our very first release. No longer available and never to be released again. This was a limited edition pressing of 100 cassette tapes recorded back in 1996 into early 1997. These three extremely intense offerings from occult spirit Daniel Ellis Harrod featured elements of nihilistic, harsh experimental guitar noise and power electronics woven into a chaotic blackened soundscape of "True Ritual Black Death Orchestration" according to its clandestine folk.

​Daniel Ellis Harrod has since written several lyrical inspirations offered to the Blood of the Black Owl voice for such collections as: "A Feral Spirit", "A Banishing Ritual" and "Light the Fires!"

​Track listing for Herod's "555":

I. Invocation to the Portal of Death

II. Demons Cthulhu


​Tracks I and II Recorded live in N.Y.C.

Track III recorded live @ WMPG 90.0 Portland, ME.


released June 21, 1997



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