Spirit Canoe: Hailing Father Sky (Light The Fires​!​) EP

by Blood of the Black Owl

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David Brown
David Brown thumbnail
David Brown Absolutely stunning. Transcendental sounds that wipe my mind clean and take me deeper into where I truly belong but can only visit on occasion.

It's incredible how Chet creates these sounds that can move me in such indescribably deep and personal ways. A very gifted and exceptionally gentle spirit. Favorite track: Spirit Canoe: Hailing Father Sky.
Waldhalla Chris
Waldhalla Chris thumbnail
Waldhalla Chris You can't comprehend "Spirit Canoe" within the first listening. Unusual instruments like tibetan and germanic horns, elk hooves and indigenous flutes (to name only a few) are creating such a natural sound, that is transforming this EP to an inimitable journey. Close your eyes, find the center of yourself and tread transcendental pathways. Favorite track: Spirit Canoe: Hailing Father Sky.
Primitive Fool
Primitive Fool thumbnail
Primitive Fool This is the sound of the chorus that heralds the sun god as he enters the world through the gates of dawn! Primordial. Favorite track: Spirit Canoe: Hailing Father Sky.
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(C)(P) MMXIV Glass Throat Recordings / Medicinal Musicals - Catalog #GTR-023

The A Side: "Spirit Canoe: Hailing Father Sky" ritual was initially recorded back in February of MMXI during the "Light the Fires!" sessions and was intended to be an exclusive opening ritual to the "Light the Fires!" vinyl format, replacing the CD version "Caller of Spirits." The vinyl format was never released for "Light the Fires!" and the Spirit Canoe offering hibernated till now. In October of MMXIII, "Spirit Canoe" was offered as a track within a digital compilation showcased through Heathen Harvest. It was entitled "Samhainwork II."

The B Side: "Soaring the Shadow Spiral" was a private ritual performance captured live during a remote retreat outdoors within the old growth wilderness January of MMXIV. It was later detailed and finished in the studio June of MMXIV.

Please note neither of these tracks have been mastered. I'm hoping that perhaps one day, both of these rituals will see a proper physical vinyl release if the right publisher was to take interest? However, lets not hold our breath. For now, it will exist as a digital download and I'm thankful that folks are able to finally journey within these two offerings.

Thank you for the time, interest and support.
Chet W. Scott


released June 21, 2014

The collection features: Moose hide frame drums, indigenous flutes, thunder gong, Tibetan and Germanic horns, harmonium, shakers & rattles, elk hooves, brass tubular & Mongolian herding bells, Mt. Dulcimer, original environmental recordings, Voices & ritual Galdr offered through Mystery.

Composed, performed, recorded and roughly mixed by Chet W. Scott

Artwork: Oaken sigil hide banner illustration courtesy of James Woodhead
Eagle photography Rachel-Boaz Scott
Full Moon photograph by Dave Batzler



all rights reserved


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